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The Center Chest Bench

Please read my other articles before beginning this exercise. This program is progressive and requires earlier developments as described in my training methodology.

The center chest is what I call a third muscle group. Even though this is not actually true it is third removed ie: primary triceps, secondary pectoralis and third is actually part of the same muscle group but receiving a specific focus. The center chest or center of the left and right pec.. I call this area the feather muscles of the chest. If done correctly the center of your chest will have cleavage and a serrated knife appearance.

The Center Bench

As stated in "The Bench A New School Of Thought," you will need to keep your lower back and traps slammed to the bench.

To avoid rounding your shoulders and having them lift off the bench you will need your hand positions in the center of the bar and 8 inches apart. Do not have them right next to each other.

In this bench you will want your elbows at 90 degree’s during your negative and along the side of your body not out to the left or right.

When you bring the bar down to your chest during your inhale with your elbows to the side of your body the bar should be at or just below your nipples. Do not go any further toward your waist with the bar. With the bar at your nipples press straight up.

Now while the bar is above you and above your nipples do not bring the bar down keep it in the air. With your chest contracted and without lifting your shoulders or back off the bench, begin your movement of the bar toward your collarbone. Do not bend your elbows. Move from your shoulders. This is still your positive move.


When you get to your collarbone you will then lower the bar and inhale bringing your elbows to your side and the bar should be at your nipples again. This move done in this manner is important to develop the center chest from the bottom of your center pec to the collarbone of your center pec.
This exercise for a woman as well as a man will keep the breasts or pecs from sagging as long as the development is with the traps back. See The Bench!

Notes: Do not lock your elbows, keep barely a bend in them. You must have enough air for your positive and negative movement.

*Remember breathing is movement*

Do not hold your breath between your positive and negative movements. You cannot fulfill muscle development if you hold your breath during your positive move. Your contraction ends when you hold your breath keep exhaling.

If you do this exercise as described you will:

1) Develop your center chest which will give you much more of a square

2) It will add needed depth and cleavage as well as support.

3) Will help eliminate granny lines and sagging chest

4) Add needed support and strength to your regular bench

5) Help eliminate injuries and tears to the pectoralis

6) Will help keep your pecs even and balanced

7) Give unbelievable strength to your triceps in conjunction to your pecs


8) Female athletes will have much needed support for their breasts while
running, jumping and will help them prevent injuries and unnecessary
discomfort and pain.

This material is from my book "Preserving The Male Integrity" and "Preserving The Female Integrity" If you wish to reprint any of this material I would be grateful if you would ask for permission first.

I would like to know if anyone has tried any of these methods and how you are all doing with it. My website is dragongym.net and if you have any questions you can reach me at prjdv@hotmail.com




Paul R. Del Vecchio