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For the trainer who wants to coach the serious athlete in professional and competitive sports with all new concepts of weightlifting training, specifically designed for injury prevention and achieving exceptional athletic performance.

  • Facilitate all exercises in “Preserving The Male Integrity” and teach them. 180 pages and 300 photographs This including but not limited to, Meditation and the 3 Phases of Development, Exercise Methodology, Belt of Strength, Nutrition, Body Alignment, Impetus of Movement and Generating Strength, Nutrition, Endurance Training, Breathing Techniques, Testosterone Development, Reproductive Health and Exercises, Testosterone and Fertility Percentage Relationship
  • Athletic physical and assessment of potential for future injury development. Implement prevention. Including but not limited to: neurological, gland and lymph system, internal organs, joint placement and alignment, reproductive system
  • Nutrition as applied per individual need
  • Meditation, isolation of thought and muscle
  • Breathing, Breath Control, controlling internal functions, breathing and movement
  • 4 steps to movement
  • Demonstrate importance of symbiotic relationship of weightlifting and meditation
  • Exercise Methodology, teach and demonstrate
  • Body Alignment and application during exercises
  • Correct weightlifting equipment positioning to prevent injuries
  • Incorporate Exercise Methodology into every weightlifting exercise and sport
  • Pressure point focus and muscle integration development
  • Muscle and Muscle Fiber isolation through meditation
  • Instruct and demonstrate muscle integration throughout the body with weightlifting exercises
  • Facilitate and teach all advanced exercises
  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation and application for muscle development. This is advanced training in weightlifting development for the athlete
  • Body Alignment as applied to sport
  • Relationship of weightlifting exercises to respective sport
  • Endurance training
  • Relationship of weightlifting exercises to endurance training and respective sport
  • Self control through meditation, body-mind discipline and sport application
  • Basic injury identification and therapy
  • Instructing a new client under observation and critique