Training Info


This program from Dragon Gym High Altitude center for training is specifically designed for Pro and College Athletes.  This is our 38th year coaching pro and college athletes, from all over the world, whose goal is to become a champion.  We have all new concepts in weightlifting training.  The focus is not on tearing muscle but, instead, seeks to layer and thicken muscle fiber in order to integrate with all connective muscle tissue throughout the body.  A must if an athlete is to prevent injuries.  The results are immediate in center, power and strength. This program is not about self-aggrandizement butweightlifting as a means to an athletic end.

Included in the first day of training is an Athletic Physical.  The physical determines what injuries an athlete is already developing and a pre-rehabilitation program is set up for the athlete before actual weightlifting begins.  For example most athletes actually develop their calves to break their ankles and seriously compromise their vertical and starts. Many shoulder injuries are preventable.   Many blame genetics to a lack of muscle development when it is usually incorrect position of weight from old school teaching.  Most athletes will never actually see their genetic capabilities.    Our goal is to eliminate injuries to the athlete even before they occur while increasing flexibility, muscle mass, power and unbelievable strength due to using all muscle groups to facilitate an action.

Please see seminar information and Certification Requirement materials.